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His Royal Majesty Yagbonwura Tuntumba Bore Essa

President of the Gonja Traditional Council. President of the Northern Region House of Chief. 



On the succession plan, the Gonja have five royal gates which rotate peacefully in the enskinment of the Yagbonwura. They are the Bolewura, Kpenbiwura, Tuwelewura, Wasipewura, and Kusuguwura. These customary rites are so sacred and detailed that there has never been any chieftaincy conflict over the years. According to the Yagbon-wura, the beliefs, and practices of the people which determine who succeeds whom and even those who worship at a particular shrine also assist to maintain the authority structure within the kingdom and to enhance the continuous existing relationship in the area.


Apart from these ancient monuments, Gonjaland is endowed with such tourist attractions as the Mole National Park, the biggest game reserve in the country which still has lions, elephants and other wild animals. It is located 146 kilometers west of Tamale. It also has the first mosque which was built by Ndewura Jakpa and the Mystic Rock which defied the efforts of the whites to move it away for the construction of the high- way at Larabanga.


Till this day, the legitimate power of the Gonja resides in the Yagbonwura. This includes issues relating to or affecting chieftaincy matters such as the hearing and determining of cases and appeals from the various traditional areas, disputes and the enskinment of potential chiefs.


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