Picked up a prize for Financial Excellence on behalf of Bernard

Bernard Adjei is a Ghanaian who moved to the UK to pursue a career in Business and IT. He attended the University of Bolton gaining a degree in Business Information System.


Bernard Adjei has been on quite a career journey – helping Britain prosper and achieving remarkable success as UK Young Banker of the Year. As a top 40 BAME employee within Lloyds Banking Group, he’s as determined as ever to deliver the best bank for the customers and communities served.

With the support of his colleagues, Bernard’s made an impact far beyond his job description. From finding better ways to make international transfers, to reaching out to young people as a role model, he’s proof of how we make a difference together.


He has been able to showcase his skills, while helping others like himself to stand up and be recognised too. Bernard believes it is an environment that fosters growth.

Highlights of Bernard Excellence Achievement 

Combining personal experience with professional drive, Bernard devised a more efficient way for customers to make international transfers, using a multilingual calculator. His inspiration? Sending money to his grandma hoping for a better life in Ghana.

After sharing the idea with his managers, Bernard was encouraged to make it a reality. Soon afterwards, he was awarded with the title of Young Banker of the Year. He had the opportunity to really improve the lives of customers, he believes this shows how being open to different ideas, cultures and perspectives can make incredible things happen.