Dr. Thomas O. Mensah, Chairman

Dr. Mensah serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer at Entertain-Ment Arts Research Inc. Mr. Mensah is the Founder of Georgia Aerospace Systems Manufacturing Inc and serves as its President. He serves as the National Chairman of the Materials and Engineering Sciences Division of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He is one of the early innovators in smart missile technology. He served as Chemical Engineer at Corning Incorporated.


He worked at the Sullivan Park Research and Development Centre of Corning Inc where he solved this worldwide problem through a series of inventions. He joined Bell Labs (AT&T Bell Laboratories) where he led a team in the development of a guidance system for smart weapons using fiber optics. At Bell Labs, he worked in the manufacturing area because of a certain clause in his contract at Corning Glass Works.


He founded Supercond Technology, Inc in 1992 and served as its President. He worked with the Department of Energy, through a CRADA at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, on developing fiber optic-based sensors for intelligent highway traffic management. Mr. Mensah joined the Chemicals. The group at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., as a Research Engineer, in the Polyvinyl Alcohol Process Improvement Division. He worked with the Department of Defense to develop new filament wound composite structures to replace gun barrels on new army tanks to reduce their weight.


He holds three patents in the fiber optics guided missile FOG-M technology, including the Guided Vehicle Patent. Mr. Mensah received a certificate in Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes at MIT in 1977, under Professor Larry Evans, 2007 President of AIChE.


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