Our Events

These Events are hosted periodically to reward Excellence in Leadership, Governance, and Entrepreneurship in Africa and the World over. Awardees are carefully selected by the board and other executives per their impact on society.

Millennium Excellence Awards

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Lifetime Africa Achievement Prize

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Ghana Expatriate Business Awards

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President's Youth Prize Awards


MEF Fund

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Funding to host our awards initiatives; TOTAL for Projects Annually

  • Organize Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Innovation Clubs led by our Award Recipients and Partners targeted at the Youth in the rural and urban areas on:

    • Prevention of diseases/drug usage/crime

    • Youth participation in agriculture.

    • Reduction of food shortages and employment in Africa.


  • Organize Annual Seminars on How the Management of Water resources can contribute to poverty reduction led by our Award Recipients and Partners.


  • Installing Boreholes and quality Water in communities.


  • Organize a community-based Health Volunteer System to address Sanitation and Environmental friendly community problems in rural areas led by our Award Recipients and Partners.


  • Provide annual fellow scholarships to bright young students from deprived areas for higher education in the fields of Water Management, Sanitation, Environment Engineering.


  • Collaborate with the Africa Union to host an Annual Science and Innovation Investment Summit.