Technology plus Innovation transforms
the world.

Africa’s growth performance remains quite impressive, driven mainly by improving regional business environment, good governance and sound macroeconomic management.

Africa is overly dependent on oil and gas including weak export era. Africa stands to enhance its productivity through innovation, transformation and the role of science, technology. Evidence in the economic literature indicates that science, technology, and innovation play a significant role in economic growth.

For that core reason, the Millennium Excellence Foundation’s third pillar of policy engagement is in the area of Science, Technology, and Innovation.


The Foundation has considered the role and policy outlined by the AU Science, technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa outlined below:

  • Strengthen research efforts in; agriculture, health, energy, ICT and infrastructure. Advocacy in all levels of the education system as well as adequately resourcing research and development.

  • Boost competition, facilitate networking and co-operation, strengthen links between science and industry and increase returns to investment in R&D. Some of our measures include soliciting for private and public funding of research institutions.

  • African private sector will be encouraged to collaborate with government and academia on research and ensure a more robust, available, and adequately funded system for the provision of extension services, technology transfer agents, and information collection and sharing services.

  • African countries to create science parks as a mechanism to encourage partnership between academia, industry, and government.

  • African countries to create the necessary environment for healthy competition in the private for innovation to occur.

The Millennium Excellence Foundation employs experienced Team of Technology and Innovation leaders that provide services to the public and private sector and provide the services below:


Research and Development, Consulting Services, Advisory and Management Services, Training, Hosting of Forums and Conferences, and Advocacy and Implementations of Projects in the Agro Sector.​

At MEF, We give attention to the need for proper hygienic standards of living.



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