Even in the light of the rapid increase in the number of positive cases in Ghana, recent surveys in various communities, schools and markets have shown that a mojority of Ghanaians are not heading to the calls of the Ghana Health Service to wearing masks.


There are several reasons given why a larger population of Ghanaians are not adhering to this

protocol of wearing mask.


One of the major reasons is economics. Many underprivileged folks are struggling to earn money each day to feed their families and indeed themselves. The cost of 1 Ghana cedi for each mask is too excessive for them assuming they have to buy 10 each week for them and their dependants.


The danger with this attitude is the virus will continue to spread in their communities and into the larger areas of the city, thereby endangering not just their neighbours, but many more Ghanaians.


Education needs to be stepped up.

KN95 Masks

  • N95 face respirators offer the most protection against novel coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. N95s protect the person wearing the mask because they filter out 95% of particles from the air breathed in.